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cell phone repair wichita ks
We know your device plays a big role in your life, whether it be for your everyday business, keeping up with loved ones, or just for your enjoyment. It is our job to handle your device’s emergency in a fast and timely manner. We only use high-quality replacement parts and provide you with the best overall experience possible in your phone emergency.
We can replace the display on just about any iPad. Additionally, we provide repairs for touchscreens as well as most of the internal small parts such as; charging ports, batteries, buttons, cameras, and speakers.


Our cell phone repair store in Wichita, KS is located on the bottom floor of the mall. 911 Phone Repair is  located between Express and Tillys! All of our customers love this location due to our accessibility, quality parts, and friendly service. They can drop it off and grab a bite to eat in the food court that we are conveniently located by!