Amazing Accessories

Our store front locations offer a wide variety of different phone cases; Ranging from SPECK, Otterbox, PureGear, Body Glove, Element, UAG, Magpul, Spigen. We only use top-of-the-line quality brands we trust and use ourselves. Additionally, we are to ——– provide high-end screen protectors.
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Additional Services


We repair screens, buttons and nearly any software issue that you might be facing with your media player. Stop by one of our locations and let’s explore your options.


Experiencing shortened battery life? We can Help! Batteries are meant to last for about two years, however heat and improper charging can significantly shorten the lifespan of your battery. Stop charging your devices every few hours and let us help!

Love Handle

The Love Handle is a highly recommended accessory we carry that insures you keep a firm grip on your phone. The Love Handle makes it easier for you to use those larger, sleeker phones that look great, but aren’t always easy to hold on to. and gives you extended thumb reach across the screen. Furthermore, Love Handle grips are designed for functionality, without sacrificing style.

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Solace Cases

Day and night, the Solace is ready to go places. Setting a new standard for lightweight metal hybrid cases, the Solace is — dare we say — sexy. Slim, trim, and visually alluring, the precise CNC aluminum top and bottom crowns cap your phone’s vulnerable corners. Additionally, Solace integrates a durable ultra-thin polycarbonate body that features a soft-touch finish your fingers can’t resist.

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